Iglesia Luterana Food Drive

20 + years ago our Southwest California Synod of the ELCA started a Mission Church idea which would reach out to Spanish speaking folks. The pastors and Congregations of our conference welcomed this Mission Church idea and Iglesia luterana Santa Cruz was born. Santa Cruz opened its doors in 2001, reaching out to many. Some of the people were farm field workers in the Santa Maria area. Today for almost 18 years Santa Cruz or Holy Cross church has grown. They continue to reach out serving the spiritual and physical needs of many. A large number of their membership are field workers and their families.
As Fall and winter seasons approach weather changes and field work ends. Because field workers don’t have a salary coming in to support their families they rely on their Church Pantry to tide them over until field work begins again. This is where we at Mount Carmel can be a big help. Part of our goal as a church is to reach out into the community to serve others. For the month of October we are collecting specific food items to replenish Santa Cruz food pantry. Following is a list of foods the social action team invite you to bring.

October 6th = bags of dried beans only, Pinto or red beans. No canned beans please.
October 13th = bags of dried white rice only. No fancy gourmet mixes please.
October 13th = Coat donations.
October 20th = Maseca (corn flour), not cornmeal. And all-purpose (wheat flour), white or unbleached.
October 27th = large bags of small size pasta.