We'd love to hear from you!

Please feel free to use any of the information below to contact our staff.


Pastor Valerie Carlson, Worship Pastor

  Phone: 805-776-3377;  Email: Pastor.Valerie@mtcarmelslo.org


Pastor Dan Carlson, LCM Pastor

  Phone: 805-776-3707;  Email: Pastor.Dan@mtcarmelslo.org


Ingrid Frokjer, Director of Children and Teen Ministries

   Phone: (805) 544-2133;  Email: ingrid@mtcarmelslo.org


Erin Parsons, Parish Administrator

   Phone: (805) 544-2133;  Fax: (805) 544-5356;  Email: info@mtcarmelslo.org


Paul Woodring, Director of Traditional Music and Organist

   Phone: (805) 534-9903;  Email: paul@mtcarmelslo.org


Mark Pietri, Director of Contemporary Music

   Phone: (805) 400-9805;  Email: mark@mtcarmelslo.org