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Children and Teen Ministries

From Nursery to Sunday School to Confirmation to College!


Mt. Carmel offers a full range of ministries for Children and Teens -- our CAT stuff is the best!

Whether it's learning, singing and playing with the young ones during Sunday School, going in-depth about our faith in Confirmation,playing on Friday mornings, or going on annual service and gathering trips throughout the United States with the high school group, we offer fun and spiritual growth. See the Children and Teens Schedule for a general listing of our annual events.

Mt. Carmel also offers a full Sunday School program, a confirmation program (a three-year program for middle schoolers) and an annual Vacation Bible School week-long summer camp.


We hope you will join us at any time!  We welcome one and all, whether it is for a single adventure or a life-long journey!  If you want to get involved with youth ministry at Mt. Carmel, contact


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Sunday School  Sunday School  Sunday School Sunday School


Middle School Winter Retreat   Youth Ice Skating  Youth Ice Skating


High School Event  High School Winter Retreat